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Mindspace gets $72 million induction to continue shared-space expansion - The Real Deal

November 28, 2021 - 07:32
Israeli shared-office space provider Mindspace has secured $72 million to help fuel its expansion in Europe, the United States and its home ...
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Installation art takes Xintiandi into space - SHINE News - Shanghai Daily

November 28, 2021 - 07:11
Space station and astronaut pieces lend a futuristic touch to the downtown shopping and entertainmen.
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Space libertarian reveals the surprising hurdle in Elon Musk's way - Inverse

November 28, 2021 - 07:03
Rand Simberg, the space entrepreneur and consultant, certainly doesn't. SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket blasts off from Cape Canaveral, Florida on October 7, ...
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Astronaut Wang Yaping snaps Earth photos and more from Chinese space station | Space

November 28, 2021 - 06:42
The first woman aboard China's new space station has snapped some glorious shots of our homeworld during a six-month mission to space.
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Health risks of space tourism: Is it responsible to send humans to Mars? | TheHill

November 28, 2021 - 06:33
Before sending humans to long space journeys, more resources should be allocated to studying the radiation impacts.
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The Fiji Times » New 'space sapces' for women, girls

November 28, 2021 - 06:03
The opening of the UNFPA Pacific Women Friendly Spaces at the Dreketi Health Centre in Macuata will equip villagers with more information on ...
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First “New Time Space” Inaugurated in Peru | Adventist News Network

November 28, 2021 - 05:58
Nuevo Tiempo Peru launched the project "Creation of 100 New Time Spaces" in the country, with a new identity of the Bible classes in each ...
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Axiom Space allows Australians to get to space 'without needing American citizenship' | Sky ...

November 28, 2021 - 04:49
ANU astrophysicist and cosmologist Dr Brad Tucker says Australians having the opportunity to go into space by private companies could be “quite ...
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Scientists fling model stars at a virtual black hole to see who survives - Lake County News

November 28, 2021 - 04:41
Space News: Scientists fling model stars at a virtual black hole to see who survives. Jeanette Kazmierczak: Posted On Saturday, 27 November 2021 ...
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Space rock alert: Should you worry about an asteroid impact?

November 28, 2021 - 04:36
... a large asteroid threaten to collide with Earth. But just how high are the odds of such a dangerous space rock after all? You don't need to panic.
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Opinion | Millionaire Space Tourism Doesn't Come With an Awe Guarantee - The New York Times

November 28, 2021 - 04:20
Space tourism is one of those ostensibly awesome experiences that often feel anticlimactic because they promise the sublime.
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Usable Space - Oracle® Advanced Support Gateway 21.x Installation Guide

November 28, 2021 - 03:45
Space is also reserved for root and for the master boot record. For example, on a sample gateway, the df -k command shows: Filesystem Size Used Avail ...
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The James Webb space telescope: in search of the secrets of the Milky Way - The Guardian

November 28, 2021 - 03:25
Billions of dollars over budget and years late, the most expensive, complex telescope to be sent into space will launch next month.
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Russia Just Showed How Vulnerable America Is to 'Scorched Earth' Space War - National Review

November 28, 2021 - 02:50
A Russian anti-satellite weapon forced American astronauts on the International Space Station into the space equivalent of hiding in a bunker last ...
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NMSU engineering students explore new technology for the 'New Space Era' - Las Cruces Sun-News

November 28, 2021 - 02:35
Northrop Grumman made a grant to NMSU in fall 2019 for engineering students to work on satellite alignment system and space maneuvering.
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'GMA' Host Michael Strahan To Fly To Space On Blue Origin's Next Flight | Chicago Defender

November 28, 2021 - 02:23
Michael Strahan is going to space! On Tuesday (November 23), Jeff Bezos' spaceflight company, Blue Origin, announced that it would launch the Good ...
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Most Milky Way companion galaxies are newcomers to our corner of space - Tech Explorist

November 28, 2021 - 01:58
Most Milky Way companion galaxies are newcomers to our corner of space. Data from ESA's Gaia mission is re-writing the history of our galaxy, ...
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James Webb Space Telescope launch date, its goals, debate over its name - The Indian Express

November 28, 2021 - 01:41
James Webb Space Telescope will be launched on an Ariane 5 ECA rocket from French Guiana in South America. (Image source:
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Space, luxury and lifestyle on offer | Farm Weekly | Western Australia

November 28, 2021 - 00:18
ENJOY the enviable lifestyle and luxury of space that comes from owning a grand country home and more than 50 acres of prime farmland.
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Every Space Tourism Package in 2021 Ranked: From $125K to $60 Million | Observer

November 28, 2021 - 00:12
Sir Richard Branson flew into space aboard a Virgin Galactic vessel, a voyage he described as the “experience of a lifetime” at the Spaceport ...