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Research From NC State Professors Is Aboard Space Station

June 19, 2021 - 14:05
State University professors are now aboard the International Space Station and may soon help provide answers about how plants respond to extreme ...
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New stamps celebrate a decade of watching the sun from space

June 19, 2021 - 13:33
... better understand the sun, space, and the myriad of possibilities that exist in our solar system, in our universe and beyond," said Thomas J. Marshall, ...
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A second space rock hit Earth after the one that doomed the dinosaurs — a nail in the coffin of the ...

June 19, 2021 - 13:11
About 66 million years ago, Earth took a one-two punch, according to a new study. First came a space rock 6-miles-wide that struck present-day Mexico.
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First wooden satellite set to be launched into space

June 19, 2021 - 13:00
“There is a lot of radiation and solar winds, there's a lot of environment from space that doesn't wear and destroy it, there's also the temperature changes, ...
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From Richard Branson to Jeff Bezos, space tourism takes flight

June 19, 2021 - 12:26
A new book charts the triumph and tragedy of space tourism through the people behind Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic. Virgin Galactic founder ...
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Council honors students for their satellite, now traveling through space

June 19, 2021 - 11:52
The Oak Ridge City Council recently approved a resolution honoring the Robertsville Middle School students who created the RamSat. Robertsville ...
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Why Jeff Bezos needs to come back from space

June 19, 2021 - 10:56
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is headed to space on a suborbital flight run by his company Blue Origin. As of this taping, more than 16,000 people have ...
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Pilot trains for research mission to International Space Station

June 19, 2021 - 10:45
Shoffner will join NASA's first female commander of the International Space Station, Peggy Whitson, on a trip to the ISS aboard a SpaceX rocket for an ...
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Sharing space: home office tips for couples - Blog

June 19, 2021 - 08:49
Discover how to create a home office for two in a small space without compromising your productivity at work, or damaging your relationship.
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College World Series from space: Astronaut sends good-luck tweet from International Space Station

June 19, 2021 - 08:41
On Friday, the fan-sphere extended all the way into space. NASA Astronaut Shane Kimbrough tweeted a photo Friday of the view of TD Ameritrade ...
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Hooded Horse unveils 3 new space strategy games in at E3. Here's their 1st trailer.

June 19, 2021 - 08:07
All three space strategy games were showcased for the very first time at this years' E3 games event and are scheduled for release in late 2021.
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China gets closer to space goals but threat to US 'more of a theory than a reality'

June 19, 2021 - 07:56
Country has made rapid technological advances and this week sent a crew of astronauts to its first space station; But it still lags behind established ...
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Brookfield lures staff to office with piano, personal space

June 19, 2021 - 07:51
Brookfield lures staff to office with piano, personal space. In Covid-safe Sydney, 90% of the investment firm's staff have been coming in for almost a year.
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NASA reports trouble with Hubble Space Telescope

June 19, 2021 - 07:33
The problem is a payload computer that stopped working last Sunday, the US space agency said. "The payload computer's purpose is to control and ...
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New smaller ships pack a lot of luxe into a little space

June 19, 2021 - 07:22
This year and next, many small and expedition ships are making their debuts in the luxury segment. Stephen Scott. Stephen Scott, a travel advisor with ...
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SoMa's Folsom Street Foundry is being reborn post-pandemic as an experimental space for ...

June 19, 2021 - 07:16
Local house music producer Alan Aronoff is finalizing a lease deal for the roughly 11,000-square-foot space in the 1930s-building at 1425 Folsom St.
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NASA commemorates Juneteenth with historic view from space

June 19, 2021 - 07:11
To honor the holiday, which was officially made a federal holiday yesterday (June 17) by President Joe Biden, NASA shared an image from space of ...
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Kim Cattrall Is Not Traveling to Space on Artemis-1 But She Did Go to NASA Space Camp

June 19, 2021 - 07:00
Cattrall's post caused many to jump to the conclusion that it was an official confirmation of an impending trip to outer space with several prominent ...
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Space balloon hits 20 miles during 1st test flight from Cape Canaveral

June 19, 2021 - 05:41
A rendering of the hydrogen-filled balloon that Space Perspective hopes will one day carry civilian passengers 100,000 feet into space. (Courtesy ...
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This week on the forums: Questioning dark matter, exploring space and a last chance ...

June 19, 2021 - 05:18
This week, the community gets inquisitive about the feasibility of dark matter and addresses some concerns about space exploration. But, first, you're ...