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South Australia takes national lead in bidding to host the 2024 International Astronautical Congress

5 hours 4 min ago
The Congress attracts more than 4000 International business delegates, and leaders of the global space sector and space research as speakers.
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Space Force officially ends launch partnerships with Blue Origin and Northrop Grumman

5 hours 28 min ago
WASHINGTON — The U.S. Space Force on Dec. 31 officially terminated launch technology partnerships signed in October 2018 with Blue Origin and ...
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Calling dibs on a parking space? First be a noble neighbor

5 hours 39 min ago
After digging out a space for yourself, dig out one for a neighbor — or two or three neighbors. By CST Editorial Board Jan 26, 2021, 6:21pm CST ...
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Australian indie singer-songwriter Kim Churchill sells out The Space, adds second Warrnambool ...

6 hours 50 sec ago
Indie-folk artist Kim Churchill will christen The Space stage as the inaugural performer on Saturday. Churchill's guitar-heavy melodies, poetic lyrics ...
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SpaceX, Amazon spat pits world's richest men against each other over space real estate

6 hours 57 min ago
Austin, Texas (CNN Business) SpaceX and Amazon — companies run by the two richest men in the world — are sparring over their competing ...
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Illy's 'The Space Between' marks first Aussie #1 on ARIA Charts in 2021

7 hours 19 min ago
The Space Between was released on January 15 through Sony and is Illy's sixth LP to date. The album features collaborations with US artist Wrabel, ...
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US Space Command chief makes case for civilian space traffic control

8 hours 15 min ago
Gen. James Dickinson said he supports the transfer of space traffic control to the Department of Commerce “where it can be better managed.".
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Commander Lists 5 Tasks to Ensuring Continued Space Superiority

8 hours 24 min ago
Of the 11 Defense Department combatant commands, the U.S. Space Command has the largest area of responsibility — starting at 100 kilometers ...
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Images | ESA/Hubble

8 hours 43 min ago
Images. View All · Anniversary · Cosmology · Exoplanets · Galaxies · Illustrations · James Webb Space Telescope · Launch/Servicing Missions ...
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Data from space could help protect endangered North Atlantic right whale

8 hours 49 min ago
The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is leading smartWhales in collaboration with Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Transport Canada. It is the first ...
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Deep Space Network upgrades and new antennas increase vital communication capabilities

8 hours 52 min ago
The now-operational 34-meter antenna joins the network's Madrid Deep Space Communications Complex located 60 kilometers west of Madrid, Spain ...
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First private Japan launcher to recover payload after space trip

9 hours 12 min ago
SAPPORO, Japan -- Rocket startup Interstellar Technologies will attempt to launch a robotic payload into space and recover when it falls back to earth ...
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Buckland to review Open Space and Recreation Plan

9 hours 45 min ago
BUCKLAND — The Open Space and Recreation Committee plans to review a final draft of its updated Open Space and Recreation Plan on Thursday.
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Op-ed | How to convince China and Russia to join a space traffic management program for peace ...

10 hours 19 min ago
The omnibus spending bill the U.S. Congress enacted in December will provide $10 million in 2021 for the Commerce Department's Office of Space ...
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3 men, including Ohio entrepreneur, paying to fly to space station; Here's what it will cost them…

11 hours 4 min ago
This combination of photos provided by Axiom Space in January 2021 shows, from left, Larry Connor, Michael Lopez-Alegria, Mark Pathy and Eytan ...
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The Aerospace Corporation Opens UK Subsidiary to Support Key US Ally in Space, Boost UK ...

11 hours 38 min ago
As an extension of Aerospace's role as an objective technical advisor for the space enterprise, Aerospace UK will support a key U.S. ally under ...
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Shark Bites: Stalking a Space SPAC

12 hours 50 sec ago
The hottest investment group in the market, ARK Investment Management, recently announced that it plans to launch the ARK Space Exploration ETF.
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'Elves' and 'blue jet' lightning in Earth's stratosphere spotted from space

12 hours 34 min ago
The International Space Station's Atmosphere-Space Interactions Monitor (ASIM) observatory caught a single blue "jet" (upward-shooting lightning) from ...
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First private space crew paying $55M each to fly to station on a SpaceX rocket

12 hours 34 min ago
The first crew will spend eight days at the space station, and will take one or two days to get there aboard a SpaceX Dragon capsule following liftoff ...
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The Everyday and the Evental Public Space: Rethinking the Spatiotemporal Modalities of Radical ...

12 hours 37 min ago
Abstract In this paper, we put forward an examination of the interconnections between public space, the everyday, and the event in order to rethink the ...